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Devon Campsite

Free High-Speed WiFi Internet Access

SouthBreazleHolidays provides free WiFi internet access for all visitors staying on our site

What do I need to access the service?
  • A laptop computer running a current version of Microsoft Windows or Apple OSX
  • A WiFi-compliant (802.11b/g) wireless network card
  • An internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple OSX Safari.
How do I know if my wireless network card is supported?

The HotSpot is a WiFi 802.11g network; therefore, any WiFi-certified network card to this standard will work.

How do I log in to use the service?

1. Turn on your computer and set your wireless network card SSID to 'SouthBreazleHolidays'

2. Start your web browser - the SouthBreazleHolidays log-in page will appear if your settings are correct

3. Except the terms and conditions of use and click Enter.

Can I connect using a Macintosh computer?

Yes but only limited help can be offered with the setup

Can I use streaming video?

Yes; but we reserves the right to terminate any wireless session that is restricting other users' access by consuming most or all of the available bandwidth.

Are any websites blocked?

Yes some sites are blocked to comply with copy write and criminal law and to help you comply with our WiFi usage terms and conditions.

Is the service monitored?

Yes, all computers using this service have their MAC address logged.

My browser does not connect to the start page

Check your proxy settings (Tools > Internet Options) are turned off as these are not required

Do I need to use wireless encryption protocol (WEP)?

No, WEP is not used and should be set to 'off'. Additionally, your WiFi card should be set to 'Infrastructure mode'.

Is the service free?


How do I get help using this service?

Please ask and we will do all we can to help you.